Winning at Internet Poker for Dummies

Given the explosion of the Internet and the increasing popularity of poker playing, this book comes as an answer to both these two emerging and merging phenomena.

Title: Winning At Internet Poker for Dummies

Author: Mark Harlan &Chris DeRossi

Number of pages: 266

Date of publishing: 2005

It is a guide dedicated to the people who want to play poker, want to do it online, but there’s no one there to help them do it.

Therefore, Harlan and Derossi’s book is an insightful instruction manual made out of four parts that carries its readers throughout the whole adventure of playing online poker. The first part is called Internet Poker Basics and it introduces the reader in the online poker environment getting online, creating the account, choosing the site.

The second part of the book psychologically prepares the player for the virtual space conditions: virtual money, handling the pressure, figuring the opponents and exploring the online game options.

The third part is meant to get the player acquainted with the online poker tournaments, while the fourth part is the part of the tens: ten mistakes to avoid, ten things to keep in mind and other useful tips.

So, if you are a wannabe online poker player, your best learning choice is Harlan and Derossi’s Winning at Internet Poker for Dummies.

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