Playing live poker for the first time

Many poker players start playing poker with friends in their living room. The next step is usually to sign up at one of the known online poker rooms and move from fun play to real money play.

Poker players however will continue to move up, as soon as they think they have online poker under control they might play some live poker tournaments in local casino’s or win an entry for a large poker event.

This is where things become risky. There is a big difference in between online poker and tournament poker. Besides the obvious things as actual people sitting at the same table also small things will upset you. The blinds might move a bit slower, but your opponents will move much slower, they take time to talk, to act and to ask you questions.

There are two ways in which a new inexperienced poker player might make a mistake here; either he becomes nervous and starts playing really tight. Because this will be clear to the more experienced players it will be easy for them to take advantage here. The second possible mistake can be tilt, without the overview of an online poker table with you poker software running to analyze your opponents you might feel alone and panic will strike.

Basic tips for online poker players willing to play some live poker is to approach this similar to your first online poker experience. Start at the lowest table and observe how other players act and play. Try to understand what they have and what they are thinking. It might feel like you have to start over again, and in a way, that is true.

You will really need to switch your game from your standard strategy to a new live poker strategy. Experiment with different game plays and strategy’s, try to feel what works for you at the poker table. Don’t expect to be winning just like you were winning at the online tables right away, give it time. In general, moving from online casinos to a land based casinos is a major change, don’t take this lightly.

When you are a good poker player your live game will improve quickly and you might be able to make more money at live poker tournaments than you were online!

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