Preflop Strategy

Proper preparation before the flop prevents poor performance therefore in order to have a proper Preflop strategy, it is important to make good, solid and technical decisions before the flop.

Proper preparations will guarantee a great starting campaign for you and how the entire game will be played out. Also having bad strategy may keep you in a bad situation.

The best way to prepare for a poker game is to know and have a clear strategy in your head of what to do at Preflop ahead of time. This is the first measure that will prevent you from making mistakes and will enable you have control of the game. Therefore thinking about possible weaknesses in your pre-flop strategy and finding solutions well advanced of time will give you a greater advantage in the game.

Generally your Preflop revolves around one of the following questions: what hands can you raise or limp? How will you continue when a player in front of you raises? How will you respond to 3-bets from various positions once you open raise? What hands will you open raise when folded to you from each position? First You can try to practice online.

Preflop Strategies

Avoid limping with ordinary hands:

Always raise and avoid limping. Only limp if you have a potential strong hand and others have limped before you. Limping before the others puts the other players behind you in a comfortable position.

Do not play out of position and be aware of your position:

Your position and range are directly related and affect each other. This implies make your range tighter if you are to have more players acting behind you. Also you can only play out of position if you have a strong holding.

Make solid 3 bet range when entering an un-opened pot:

Making three solid bets with your strong hand you are able to see flops heads-up and isolate the original raiser. This would enable you increase the size of the pot early in the hand and thus extract more value from your opponents. Therefore rather do 3 betting with strong hands than flat opening.

Don’t feel committed to playing hands when in the big blinds:

Do not be too tight when having the opportunity to act last in a Preflop, it usually comes with the opportunity of good odds. Do not hesitate to take the advantage and play much looser from the big blind than from other positions.

Raise a fair number of hands when the actions folds to you:

Avoid limping some hands or playing very tight in big blinds versus small blind confrontations. Limping or playing tight could be a reasonable adjustments or strategy but the most effective is raising the number of hands is often the best strategy. Raising a fair hand gives you a higher probability of stealing the dead money in the pot.

4 bet with only your strongest hands:

During excessively large 3-bets, it is usually advisable to 4 bet only your strongest bet and folds all but your very strong hands.

Always Keep Still:

Unnatural movements are what other players around the table always look for and they tend to use it as a suspicious sign and start being unto you.

Control over your voice:

When lying or bluffing, the pitch of your voice usually changes. Therefore having proper control of your voice and ensuring it is not affected by what you plan to say is a good pre-flop strategy.

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