Greg Raymer – The Fossilman

Greg Raymer is mainly known for his 2004 achievement, when he turned up first at the 35th Annual World Series of Poker and won the $5,000,000 prize. This pot was the highest that was ever won until that date. The player is now 45 years old and he started playing poker since 1992. In time, he gave up on his job as a lawyer, dedicating himself completely to poker game.

Name: Greg Raymer

Nickname: Fossilman

Birth Date: November 30, 1963

Residence: Stonington, Conn

He plays at WSOP since 2001 and it took him only three years to achieve his goal by receiving the bracelet. Even if his more recent achievements don’t compare with the 2004 performance, he continues to be one of the best poker players to work their strategies at the most popular poker tournaments around the world. Greg Raymer still comes on second or third places in poker competitions, which makes him to be one of the most respected people in the poker world.

Because he loves collecting fossils, his nickname was and still remains “Fossilman”. As he states, discipline is what brought him so far and he knows both how to win and how to lose with dignity. The combination between intelligence and luck always proved to be the key to great poker achievements and this is also true when it comes to Greg Raymer.

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