Texas Holdem Poker – How to play Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas hold’em rules

The purpose of the poker game is to obtain the best possible combination of five cards (with texas holdem you can use two individual cards and the commune cards on the game table).


The two blinds (big blind si small blind) are forced bets that have the purpose of creating the minimal pot (the value of the blind is different from one game table to another, starting from $0.1 small blind to tens of dollars).

Texas holdem betting rounds

After the blinds are paid, each player gets two cards and the first preflop betting round begins. The first player who acts is the one on the right of the blinds. Each player has available a series of actions: check, bet, raise, re-raise, and fold.

After closing this first betting round, the first three commune cards are revealed – flop. After each player acts, the turn follows and the fourth card is revealed, a new betting round following this.

The fifth card, the river, is placed on the table and the final betting round begins.

The showdown

This is the final phase, when players show their cards for the pot winner to be discovered. The winner is the one that has the best possible combination of five cards, using both the individual cards as well as the commune cards consisting of the flop, the turn and the river.

During this round only the remaining players confront their hands (a hand can close at any time in case all players, except for one withdraw from the game’ the winner can choose between showing his hand and hiding it).

If two or more players have the same combination of cards, the pot is equally shared between them.

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