‘Isildur1’ Falls From Grace As Blom Becomes Weeks Biggest Loser Online – Again

High intensity play at both PokerStars and Full Tilt had seen a sharp decrease in the number of big names that were gracing the online poker tables thanks to many travelling to Melbourne, AUS to take part in the 2015 Aussie Millions, however Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom seemed to be continuing his 2015 form, although its clear that he would have rather have bucked the trend.

The poker pro has already managed to claim the accolade as being the biggest online loser of 2015 and this past week hasn’t helped his cause to find a break in his performance, instead he continued his slump over 20 sessions at Full Tilt according to PokerNews.

Playing 2,064 hands Blom saw himself finish the week $116,597 down, failing to record the sort of gains that we are used to seeing from his time at the tables over the past few years, however being unable to shake off his losing streak, Blom once again confirmed his spot as the week’s ‘runt of the litter’ for the second week running, albeit with much less than his previous $317,812 down swing.

More used to stacking up the chips than passing them across the table, expectations are high that Blom will be looking to get deep into the action as play online increases again following the 2015 Aussie Millions comes to a close but with two rough weeks online, questions over his mentality to be able to reclaim his losses has begun to surface within the online poker community.

Robert Fielding was seen to have taken to online forums to explain that he thought that overcoming the losses could be a challenge for Blom with his ability to forget about the beats that he has faced seeming to be taking centre stage towards his comments.

“Blom is having a very rough time it seems and to be honest I think that he could be set to have a run of that luck as he is just so used to being on the other end of the spectrum”, said Fielding, concluding his comment with “I mean looking at his time in the spotlight he hasn’t really had to dig as deep as he will have to after this.”
While Blom is now recorded as having lost $542,323 this year so far, his losses show him as being almost twice the amount out of pocket to his nearest competitor for the biggest loser title, Full Tilt player “CoeJassidy” with $255,450.

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