Continuation Bet Strategy

Continuation Bet, well known as the C-Bet, refers to the action when the player continues betting on the flop once he or she bet at the pre-flop.

The most important aspect when it comes to the C-bet is the evaluation of the table’s structure in order to know whether to place the bet or not. Usually, players use the C-Bet strategy very often but on long term this might costs a lot of money.

The best thing to do when you intend to post a C-Bet is to make sure the situation is a favorable one for your position. Make sure you know what kind of player your adversary is because this can have a major influence, considering that players can take advantage of your option for C-Bet.

Sometimes, players are forced by their opponents to give up on their decision, which often results in them being bluffed. This situation is known as floating, as your opponent’s only goal is to get to bluff you.

Returning to the idea that players often use this strategy, you should carefully use the C-Bet. If the other poker players from the table will observe that you C-Bet with every occasion then they will surely know how to use this to their advantage after some games.

The C-Bet can be a useful elements as long as you remember to establish an equilibrium for your game and only use it when your chances to benefit from the situation are high.

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