Ten Countries with the most amount of Casinos

Gambling is big business across the planet, whether it’s sports betting or grand old casinos, the world of gambling is thriving, despite some countries reviling it and treating gamblers like criminals, which is outdated and wrong.

But, where are the majority of casinos situated? Some countries have an abundance and others are significantly lacking (like North Korea and Cyprus which both only have one). So, if you’re planning your next vacation, have a look at these 10 countries that have the most casinos in the world.

10. Colombia – 76

Colombia is one of the most popular gambling destinations in Latin America, and with its collection of top-notch casinos, it’s easy to see why. It may not have as many as Argentina or Mexico, but it does very well in the world popularity rankings.

9. Germany – 82

Germany is the first of five European countries on the list, which isn’t surprising as gambling is big business in Europe, seeing as the casino was invented in Italy, it is easy to see why.

8. Argentina – 107

We pop back to Latin America for the 8th entry on this list. Argentina is a great place for gamblers, and not just because of it’s wide range of casinos and exciting nightlife, but because it offers a wide range of other gambling activities including horse tracks and racinos.

7. Latvia – 121

Considering it’s a small Baltic state in the North of Europe, it’s surprising that there is such a high concentration of casinos in the country, but for those residents of Western Russia or Eastern Europe, there isn’t a better destination to scratch that casino itch.

6. The United Kingdom – 154

I’ve lived in the UK for 25 years, however I’ve never actually seen a casino here, but apparently there are over 150 of them dotted around, so there you go. If you like gambling there is no other country on Earth that offers as many opportunities as the UK, plus the regulations are very modern, meaning you can gamble to your heart’s content.

5. Netherlands – 165

Staying in Europe for our next two entries as well, the Netherlands is a hot spot for European gambling, with Amsterdam being the hub of all the action. There’s no better place for a city break then Amsterdam, and with its multitude of gambling opportunities, you may never want to leave.

4. France – 183

France’s casinos are quite heavily regulated, however with over 183 to choose from, you’re bound to find one you love, plus the entirety of the country looks like a picture-perfect post card, so there’s not really anywhere else like it to gamble.

3. Mexico – 206

Finally leaving Europe behind, we head back over to Latin America. What’s surprising about Mexico being on this list is that casinos were illegal for many years and have only recently been legalised, which has meant Mexico has made a very rapid ascent to the top third of this list.

2. Canada – 219

Whether you’re looking for slots games or table-top ones, Canada has everything a gambler would need, plus Canada is lovely, so why not go there for a gambling holiday in one of it’s many, many luxurious casinos.

1. United States of America – 1,954

And of course, the US is at the top of this list, with Las Vegas being the greatest place for casinos on Earth. What’s most interesting is that the US has more casinos than the rest of the top 10 combined. It’s a big place, full of many interesting gambling experiences. Just make sure to check each state’s gambling laws first…

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