7 Countries that Love to Gamble

If you love to gamble then there’s nothing better than travelling the world and stopping off at some of the best casinos and race tracks around the world, but you do need to be careful as there are many countries where the beloved past time is illegal.

You’re going to want to stay away from the majority of Islamic countries and parts of the US if you want to indulge in your favourite hobby and stay on the right side of the law. But, where might you find a host of kindred spirits that will welcome you with open arms and wallets? Let’s take a look, shall we? I should also mention that if you can’t actually afford to do that much travelling, then it’s probably best to stay on your sofa and frequent the great casinos of the interweb. Oh, and just FYI, this ranking has been collated based on total losses on average per person in each of the countries, with number one losing the most per person.

7. Hong Kong

Whilst gambling itself isn’t illegal in this Chinese Special Administrative Region, casinos are, which is a bit of a bummer, however always look on the bright side of life because just a short boat ride away is the isle of Macau, an absolute haven for gamblers and casino lovers alike … just imagine a tropical Las Vegas.

6. Italy

Well of course they are on the list, they invented the casino for heaven’s sake! Originally linked to the Catholic church, casinos sprung up in Venice a few hundred years ago and have since spread their joy to the rest of the world. Bless you Italy, for not only gifting us with pizza – the best food in the world – but also casinos!

5. Finland

Finland is a beautiful country; however, it is a bit snowy and cold and so it’s no wonder that around 40% of the adult population find themselves gambling every week. Who knew the Fins knew how to spend their time so well!?

4. Canada

Keeping with the snowy and cold vibe, we head over the US border and into the land of maple syrup and bacon … plus marriage equality, low crime rates, and polar bears! It would seem that three quarters of the population gamble each year, which puts even the Fins to shame.

3. Ireland

It wouldn’t be right if the luckiest people in the world didn’t like a nice old flutter. Whilst it’s not so much casinos that keep the Irish blood pumping, but more the horse racing. Popular horse racing towns across the sea in England get flooded by the Irish every year when race weeks happen. They don’t complain, though, the Irish love to share a good pint of Guinness along with their betting tips.

2. Singapore

People in Singapore love to gamble so much they even decided to build a resort that rivals the great gambling hubs of Las Vegas and Macau … The Marina Bay Sands, which may well overtake the other two in the next couple of decades.

1. Australia

Perhaps an unlikely number one spot, but with their laidback attitude, it’s no wonder that the people down under love to gamble their hot sunny days away. The Aussies may not be the biggest casino goers, but when it comes to sports betting, there’s really no one else in the world that can compete.

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