How to play preflop

Each hand of a poker game depends highly on the decisions you make before the flop. These are some aspects that you have to think about for choosing the proper pre-flop strategy:

The position is an important element in the decision you have to make. Each player considers this aspect during the game play and you should consider your position as well when playing poker.

There are three main positions that influence your decision: the early position (the button is at your right), the middle position (the button is far left) and the late position (you are the button or the button is right next to you).

The strength of your hand is the one that gives you the chances to win the pot. However, besides thinking about how strong your hand is, you should also make sure that you think about the possible combinations your opponents can have in their hands.

Don’t forget to always focus on other’s game as well as thinking as the adversaries do can bring the benefits of winning often at poker.

Keep in mind all these elements when you are at the poker table and in time you will build your own effective pre-flop strategy.

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