History of poker game

Poker game is by far the most spread and loved card games in the world, texas holdem being by far the most spread version of the game.

Where does poker name come from, when was the game born, who invented poker game? … These are only some of the questions that we will try to find an answer within the following lines.

The origins of poker game

The origins of this wonderful game were lost in time, as there are now contradictory opinions when it comes to the inventor and the location where the game was born. According to a popular belief, the beginnings of poker are related to China, year 900 BC, when Chinese invented domino, which also became a popular game (and is considered by some to be the precursor of poker).

The name of poker

The origin of the name of poker is not very clear either. According to some specialists, the origin of the name comes from the French poque. According to others, the name of poker comes from the German game known as pochen.

The apparition of poker game

It is probable that the first official narration of a poker game belongs to Joseph Crowel. It seems like the game was exported in America by European immigrants. Crowell narrates the first poker game that took place in New Orleans, in 1829. In time, poker suffered many modifications, tens of versions being played in time, most of them being invented during the Civil War. The present form of poker appeared in America on the boats that navigated on Mississippi. The American president Harry Truman and the write Mark Twain are some of the men who did not hide their great passion for poker.


Ever since its apparition, the poker game spread all around the world with an amazing speed. In time, a series of varieties of poker appeared, Omaha, 5Draw, 7 Stud, and Texas hold’em being the most well known.
In present, poker game became a huge and very profitable industry, the profits generated by the game reaching billions of dollars every year.

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