Allen Cunningham

Allen Cunningham comes from Riverside, California and he discovered poker at a young age. After finishing high school, Cunnigham attended UCLA courses, wishing to become an engineer. While he was delivering pizza, poker was still a hobby.

Name: Allen Cunningham

Nickname: Clever Piggy

Date of birth: 28 martie 1977

Residency: Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • 5 WSOP bracelets
  • He earned over 10 millions of dollars during his career.
  • He was the player of the 2005 year in a top realized by WSOP.
  • He plays online at FullTilt Poker.

In his second year of faculty, Allen, aged 19, gave up his studies and exclusively focused on poker game. Being a minor, according to USA laws, Cunningham had to play poker in casinos from the Indian reservations, where USA laws with regard to gambling did not apply. He improved his game, eagerness waiting to turn 21 years old.

When this finally happened, Allen had a problematic beginning of his career. The winnings were insignificant, but it was an excellent period for training side by side with famous players.

Next year, Allen started to constantly win. In 1999, his first success was at Legends of Poker, from Bicycle Casino. Allen was named the best player of the overall tournament.

Two years later, he won his first WSOP bracelet, leaving with a $200,000 prize. In 2002, the second bracelet followed and he won the third in 2005. That year, Allen had an exceptional evolution, being named WSOP player of the year by ESPN/Toyota.

In 2006, Allen won his fourth WSOP bracelet, earning 3,6 millions of dollars. That year, he joined the Full Tilt Poker team. He won his fifth bracelet in 2007, Allen being the one of the 16 pro players who won five or more WSOP bracelets.

In 2008, his earning excelled 10 millions of dollars, and he was surpassed only by Jamie Gold, Joseph Hachem, Daniel Negreanu and Phill Hellmuth. At the game table, Allen is usually a discreet presence. He currently lives in Las Vegas with his girlfriend, Melissa Hayden, who is also a pro poker player. He can be found playing online at

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