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Daniel Negreanu’s parents, Annie and Constantin, emigrated in Canada in 1967, with the hope to find a better life. In 1974 Daniel was born, five years after his bigger parents, in Toronto, Ontario. He discovered his poker passion at 16, abandoning high school two years later to totally dedicate to his passion.

Name: Daniel Negreanu

Nickname: Kid Poker

Date of birth: 26, July, 1974

Residency: Las Vegas, Nevada

  • He earned over 10 millions of dollars during his career.
  • 4 World Series Of Poker bracelets
  • 2 World Poker Tour titles

In 1990, when he was only 16, he visited Las Vegas for the first time and participated for the first time at a competition, where he lost all of his money. He wasn’t discouraged, came back in Canada and started to study poker game by participating at the illegal games from Toronto.

When he turned 21, Negreanu decided to try his luck in Las Vegas, and he left broke to Canada again. During that period, the one known as KidPoker met Evelyn Ng, who was also about to become a pro player. Daniel didn’t give up, raised the needed money and decided to definitely remain in Nevada. Toronto casinos were very different from those in Nevada.

At some point, in 1997, his game completely changed and Daniel started to constantly win. At the World Championship of poker from Foxwoods, Negreanu was named the player of the tournament, leaving with $133,000. Then followed his triumph at WSOP and his first bracelet, being the youngest player to win at World Series Of Poker, title that he owned until 2004. This is where his nickname comes from.

His ascension is obvious, winning two World Poker Tour titles and two more WSOP bracelets. 2004 was Daniel Negreanu’s year, and he was named the player of that year. The Canadian then played 11 finals, obtaining the 2 WPT titles and his third WSOP bracelet. After the winnings during his career as a pro player, Daniel Negreanu is currently second placed after Jamie Gold.

KidPoker is also a successful author, in 1007 publishing his book, “Hold’Em Wisdom for All Players”, and being involved in Doyle Brunson’s project, “Super System II”. During his free time, Daniel participates at charity events and lives with his wife, Lori Lin Weber, in Las Vegas. He never gave up billiard and snooker games and he recently made a passion for golf.

In 2007 he joined the PokerStars Pro team, where he can be found online under his pseudonym, KidPoker. Daniel Negreanu is a constant presence at TV, being admired by many poker fans because he is a funny guy and he does not adopt a rigid attitude at the game table.

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