Poker Jungle: Be Strong or Be Sandwiched

The fight for the pot is a well known fact in the poker game.

When the betting is really high so is the motivation of the players to get it. For getting that money, some of the players are sometimes willing to resort to a series of unorthodox methods that you have to discover in order to avoid being tricked.

In many occasions, the players are even willing to give each other information about their hands and split the pot, so you have to be really careful when it comes to your playing partners.

If you are caught between two players who have made an agreement, you risk to be sandwiched, unless you pay great attention to your cards and to their playing strategy: it is very dangerous if you don’t realize that it’s happening to you, that you are being sandwiched.

What you have to do in this situation is holding a strong hand. Also, you can neither allow the other players know what you are thinking, nor feel your weakness and uncertainty, for if they do, they will most certainly take advantage of it. This can be quite risky, since they could get you into calling their bets or even folding from the round. This is why you have to have a strong hand in order to increase you own chance for obtaining the pot.

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