Poker: Basic Info About Its Legal Status

No matter what people may say, poker is the most popular card game ever. Also, it’s an English card game that was developed by the English colonists on the American land.

Joseph Crowell, and English actor who lived in New Orleans in the first years of the 19th century, wrote a report in which he stated that the first version of this game had no more than 20 cards and that it could be played by 4 players.
When Joseph Crowell wrote his report in 1829, poker was still in its very first days of existence. However, due to the fact that he had gained an insane popularity, the number of fans has quickly escalated, especially as it was the main activity on the river boats that were crossing the Mississippi river.
Playing poker is not illegal, although there are states that forbid any type of gambling. However, if it is not played on real money, then it’s not illegal. However, in 19 states of the USA, as well as in the countries where the Islam is the main cult, playing poker is considered an illegal activity and therefore, any people caught in “the middle of the act” can suffer the legal consequences.
Now, there are some facts that must be known about this card game:
1) is considered the most addictive card game, right after Blackjack and… (surprisingly) Solitaire;
2) Hold’em is the most often played poker version in official tournaments such as World Poker Tour, World Poker Stars, Asia Pacific Poker Tour and so on;
3) Although Hold’em is popular and present in most of the competitions, in some countries, there are still competition in which there are played only the straight and draw version. As well, there are hundreds of rooms dedicated to the above versions.
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