Online Poker Beginners’ Guide

You saw various televised poker competitions or you heard about poker games from some of your friends and you are interested to start playing as well?

Playing poker online implies many levels so, as a beginner, you need to know a few things about the subject. Choosing the poker rooms to play at and to understand how to start winning money are significant aspects when starting to play poker online.

Choosing a poker room to play online

The good news, and at the same time, the bad news, is that poker is so popular nowadays that you can find hundreds of websites to choose from. This makes the decision on what poker room to play at very difficult. If you plan to find websites that have high numbers of players online at any hour then you should know that there are some such lists available on the Internet. You can limit to the first ten positions mentioned in a list like that as they will surely have the highest numbers of poker players.

Downloading the programs to play

The next step when you decide on a poker website is to download their free program. This is an easy task as you will successfully download and install the program if you follow the given directions. If you have any troubles, usually these poker websites have skilful operators that will answer your questions.

Playing “for money” game

If you like the graphic and the atmosphere of the website you chose, then the next step would be to register and try playing at various poker tables. The best thing is that you don’t have to play for real money as a beginner, as these website encourage the new players to play for free until they feel comfortable and surer on their abilities. Choose your nickname and play for as long as you wish as you will receive an initial amount of money that will be refilled when it is over. If you get bored then you can at any time watch expert players playing at other poker tables and you can get to learn more about poker strategies.

Playing for real

If you feel more confident and you want to begin playing for real money, then you should make a small deposit (most of the poker websites allow you to make a deposit if you place a minimum amount of money). Because poker is meant to be played for real money, this minimum deposit is required in order to stop players from doing random things.

A good thing is that most of the online poker rooms allow you to play for micro stakes, meaning that you can bet cents and you can play for hours with only a few dollars or you can enter small tournaments where the entry is not higher than $1. Also, keep in mind that many poker websites offer a registering bonus for their new members so you can benefit from additional deposits of around 20% when you just registered on one such website.

Other questions

The idea of playing poker online can be a curiosity for those who have never played before. These are two of the most often asked questions:

1. I thought poker means playing in front of your opponents, looking at them and reading their body language? How can this be done when playing online?

– It is true that you won’t get the chance to read your adversaries this way, but on the other hand, you can read them by how they bet and how they control the pot, which makes the online poker be more mysterious. Besides that, many poker players prefer playing online because this is faster and cheaper.

2. I would play for real money but I am worried about security and transparency.

– This is a main concern but you should know that poker websites make a lot of money from their business so they are very interested in assuring the highest security levels.

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