How To Become A Professional Online Poker Player

Online poker is definitely seen as a sport, but is it also a career? Playing online poker requires some level of tech skills and competency just like any other job position on the labor market.

However, this ‘position’ lacks the certainty of a regular 9-to-5 job. If you have already decided to give online poker a try, there are other important aspects you need to ask yourself about.

Do I Really Understand The Game?

You need to get rid of any uncertainties, which is why and similar poker sites will become your future textbooks. Once you think you’ve learnt all about the game, you need to study some more. It’s good to understand the game and all its mechanisms, especially at the start of your pro career.

Am I Behaving Like A Pro?

If you want to be an online poker pro, you need to learn how to behave. Remember the last job you worked at and the level of professionalism you needed to maintain. There’s nothing professional about sitting around the PC or dragging your laptop across the living room while you’re still in your pajamas. Taking this seriously will make other players take you more seriously.

Am I Good At Poker?

This might be a rather subjective question, but there are still some reference points to help you decide. Think about your previous poker experience and the general impression you’re left with. If you remember celebrating and cheering on most occasions, there’s still hope for you. Nevertheless, a lack of cheer is a sign to give up on becoming a poker pro and focus on a different career path.

Can I Manage My Bankroll Successfully?

This aspect is crucial for everyone, not just online poker players. You need to be able to manage your finances properly. You need to be even more organized when it comes to a pro bankroll. Wagers are higher under these circumstances, and living expenses remain the same even though you have quit your day job. You need to be aware of the value and importance of money in order to appreciate them properly and manage you bankroll and real-life account better.

Go For A Trial

Risking your job and your stable income shouldn’t be done without some careful analysis. The best thing to do in order to determine whether you’re fit for the lifestyle is to try it out. Taking a free week from work is the safest way to test your abilities without risking your entire life. A bad run throughout the week might be exactly what you’ve needed. And even if you win, ask yourself whether you’d be ready and disciplined enough to do the same thing 8 hours a day.

Do I Know How To Walk Away?

If you still feel like trying this sport as a main source of income, you need to be extremely sensible and alert in order to know when to walk away. Marking the players’ moves, tactic changes and some bad luck shouldn’t stop you from thinking clearly and getting out on time.

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