What Kind of Poker Player Are You?

 The strategies you use when playing poker tell a lot about you.

Only from watching your strategy one can say what kind of player you are. A professional poker player gathers information about his opponents, and he squeezes that information from every little detail, from every apparently insignificant move. Here are some of the most well known poker player types:

  1. The calling station: the passive player; never bets, always calls the bets of the other players. One of the easiest players to eliminate.
  2. The green fish is a very weak player due to his extremely passive nature.
  3. The mouse is rather passive and he never risks losing any money, therefore he will almost never bet.
  4. The red fish is an aggressive PreFlop player, but he is a passive PostFlop one. He will rarely have the courage to raise bets and almost never capable of folding when he has weak hands.
  5. The rock plays very little hands. He will rarely call his hands and he will hardly ever raise a bet, only when he has an excellent hand.
  6. The bomb is very aggressive, he will almost always bluff and he will very often win these hands.
  7. The maniac is an extremely aggressive player who will win large amounts of money and who is feared by most of his opponents.
  8. The shark is the most feared poker player. He has a great strategy, he seems to know exactly when to call, when to bet and when to raise a bet. Nobody can ever tell when he is bluffing.
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