The Disadvantages of Playing Poker Aggressively

One of the most appreciated poker strategies is the aggressive play.

A player who initiates bets and raises is much more feared than one who adopts a passive strategy and limits himself at calling or checking. Though it is a highly valued strategy, the aggressive play implies a series of disadvantages which can transform into disastrous loses when it is used by inexperienced or unskilled players.

For instance, betting in an aggressive fashion draws a lot of attention over you and professional players will take advantage of this: they could easily find out if you are bluffing or if you really have the hands to want to make them believe you have.

You could also take a lot of risky decisions: bet aggressively without having a strong hand and finding players who have better hands than yours, who don’t feel intimidated by your bet and this could cost you a lot of money. Or you can get an opposite effect: you could intimidate all your opponents and make them play passively or even fold their cards. Despite the disadvantages implied, the aggressive strategy is proven to be the most effective one when resorted to in a professional way.

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