Poker Slang Explained

Many times poker players use nicknames for their cards, for their hands or for their moves, which could be quite confusing for someone who isn’t familiar with the poker language.

The cards have many names, depending either on the figure or on the way they look. If it is a Queen, it may be called the lady, the girl. It also gets a series of licentious nicknames.

The Kings are also called the knights or the monarchs. Eight is also known to poker regulars as the snowman, while the seven is the hockey stick. A combination of a king and a nine is called by poker players a canine, while one made out of an ace and a jack is either a jack-ass or an ajax. A three card is a crab; while a really weak hand is called a foot, a good hand is a g1.

The imagination of poker players can reach impressive standards. When a poker player wants to call for a bet he says “Alcohol”. A beat at a poker game is known to veterans as a crack, and a horse is someone who plays poker with your money: either plays in your place or with money borough from you.

When you’re playing online poker, you should probably know that the BB stands for the big blind and a hard-play is a merciless player towards his opponents.

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