Poker Killer Technique: Semi-Bluff

Bluffing is a natural part of the game of poker.

In fact, most of the top players earn lots of hands by bluffing, especially in they are in the right position and can control the game. But have you ever heard of the semi-bluff technique?

Semi-bluffing is effective especially when the opponent indicates somehow that he’s not willing to take too many chances with a certain hand, but however, he’s willing to play it til the end if the conditions allow him to do it. However, in such situations, unless they are complete morons, they will most likely fold.
But what exactly does semi-bluffing mean? Basically, it involves a small raise before the flop, in order to make people believe the respective player has good hands from the beginning. It’s more of a psychological factor that, unless they’ll get something good, will make them fold early. However, in order to get the maximum results, players should be in the right position, preferably in the last place before the flop. A small raise and every strategy needs to be changed.
The main problem with this strategy is that 2 or more players can apply this technique in the same time, fact that may be a little bit frustrating for the beginners. However, there is a catch: in order to go for this technique, players should have something good in their hands, preferably at least a pair and/or something even better after the flop.
This way, the players can beneficiate of 2 advantages:
a) they can win directly by having the best cards;
b) they will earn the pot if the other players decide to fold.
Basically, it’s a 2 win situation.
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