Microlimit Poker – Basic Notions

 Playing micro limit poker is very simple but it can also turn into something more frustrating because of the bad beats. Most of the players that think seriously about poker will pass these limits and will advance towards higher stakes.

There are many traps many beginners have to deal with when it comes to poker, such as those related to raise, profitable and unprofitable hands, position, winning hands and bad beats.At micro stakes, we can usually find only beginners and, from time to time, a more experimented player that has no money. Beginners are usually players that want to see many flops, play a passive game (they often play, but they raise rarely) and focus only on their own cards.

Other players raise every hand and play too aggressive. Only because you play less hands than your opponents does not mean that you already play better than they do, because, usually, if you play it means that you have a better hand.

Generally, when it comes to poker you can say that you win when you get the high pots and lose the small ones. This is why it is important to avoid the annoying points and to decide based on the flop when you want to play a marginal hand. If you choose to play, you will have to make costly decision on long term, so you should better not in order to make micro limits profitable.

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