2009 World Series of Poker Europe

This years’ World Series of Poker Europe started with the 19th of September with the promise of a £1,500 worth prize for No-Limit Hold’em and a £2,500 prize for the H.O.R.S.E. game (that started on 22nd and lasted 3 days).

One of the most important poker events in the world, WSOP Europe ends on 2nd of October when the great winner of the bracelet will be discovered. As usually, the event takes place in London and includes five more events besides the bracelet one.

The championship begins with 27th and lasts five days before a player will get to win the important bracelet. With the inclusion of the other five events, WSOP Europe makes a great innovation for many international players that want to gain experience by playing this years’ tournaments.

Many of the popular poker players that won the WSOP bracelet in time participated and continue to do so. JP Kelly is one of the winners so far, as he succeeded in front of his opponents at No Limit Hold’em game. This is not his first bracelet, as he is known for winning the Pot Limit Hold’em game at WSOP in July as well.

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