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Continuation Bet Strategy

Continuation Bet, well known as the C-Bet, refers to the action when the player continues betting on the flop once he or she bet at
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Check, Raise or Both – What Is Your Poker Strategy?

An important strategy that might help you increase your chance at getting the big pot is the check-raise. This is a deceptive strategy used by ...
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Reasons Not to Be a Passive Poker Player

An impressive number of poker players consider that when they don’t have a strong hand that can assure them an undeniable victory, then it isn’t ...
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Poker: Skills or Luck?

When it comes to playing poker, the debate skills versus luck doesn’t seem to have an end. Some people say that winning or losing at ...
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The table position in poker

In general, when we talk about the position at the poker table, we refer at our position in reference with the button (the dealer). In ...
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How to Play the Final Poker Table

When the tournament gets to nine players you should think about what your goals are. Your main goal is to win, but how will you ...
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Deceptive Poker Strategies

Winning at poker isn’t just a matter of calculating your chance at getting the big pot; it is also a psychological confrontation that is to ...
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Poker Jungle: Be Strong or Be Sandwiched

The fight for the pot is a well known fact in the poker game. When the betting is really high so is the motivation of ...
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Facts about Playing Short Stack

Poker players have various opinions on playing short stack at the poker table. While some agree and practice this strategy, others can’t stand the idea ...
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Bluffing at Poker

Bluffing is one of the most significant strategies that a good poker player can use. Statistically, all players have equal chances for a good hand. ...
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