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“Hit and Run” Scheme for Poker Stud

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There is a whole controversy surrounding the “hit and run” concept in poker game. While some avoid it as much as they can, others choose to embrace this strategy and try to benefit from it. The strategy, also referred to as “hitting and running”, implies a fast withdrawal from the game, especially after you win a high pot or more high pots in a short period of time.

Free $600Traditional poker players don’t usually recommend this strategy as they think that a poker player should stay at the table as long as the game is profitable for them to continue to benefit from the advantages as long as they can. Therefore, they recommend players to stay in the game even after you won a fast pot as long as the conditions seem to be profitable. A good player would only leave the game fast if he won very fast or very slowly a specific amount of money. They consider that this way, you will not lose the opportunity to continue winning money in a free and passive game.

Others say that it is better to leave the game when you are on top: unless playing and getting back from where you started or even worse, to lose your luck, as it usually happen after some time. If you can enter the game and win fast, players will comment if you do so, but it could be better if you leave fast before allowing the game to turn against you. Those that sustain the “hitting and running” strategy base their opinions on the fact the no one wins all the time, this making the chances to benefit more from leaving increase.

Both cons and pros sides recommend you to keep in mind the logic of the game. The first side considers that it is logical to take advantage of a game as long as possible when you are on top of others, instead of limiting your winnings. They view poker as a longer session that implies a lot of effort to win and so, leaving to early from a profitable game will result in losing the continuity and not winning that much.

On the other hand, those that plead for “hitting and running” make sense as well. As you are already on top and you practically achieved your goal for one session, why endanger your success? Luck plays a significant role for poker results, so it is better not to push your luck.

However, both philosophies have some gaps:
- Staying as long as possible when the game is profitable: you will not be always able to fully predict if the game will continue to stay good or not. Winning will make you feel like everything is possible and this is why you will not be able to stay realistic when choosing to stay at the poker table.
- Using “hit and run” poker strategy: while luck is very important for poker, it is not the only element to be considered when you play it. You cannot predict whether you will have luck or not so that leaving after a fast winning to be the best choice every time. Leaving the game should not happen right after you won, but in time, when you feel that is very possible for the game to turn less beneficial for you.

The best solution is to combine the two strategies – staying longer in the game with “hitting and running” – because this will allow you to choose the way you play poker according to the game’s conditions. More than luck, you should focus on both your abilities and the opponent’s game. Keep in mind what your chances are, as well as how the game evolved so far and, as time goes by and you practice, you will make the best decisions when it comes to using “hit and run” choice or not.

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