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Strategies for Controlling the Pot at Poker Games

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The control of the pot is an often used concept for all of the poker game variations. A special game from this point of view is No Limit Hold’em, where you risk a lot when you have to protect your endangered stack.

The control of the pot can be viewed as the art of manipulating the size of it, an art that is based on the relative power of your hand. This concept refers to how strong is your hand in comparison with your opponents’ hands.

 Therefore, as your opponents’ game becomes tighter, you will need a stronger hand to play for a higher pot.
As a consequence, you will have to play the weaker hands when you plan for the pot to stay low. The control of the pot size can be easily done by choosing the check and call options instead of betting or rising.

Always keep sight of what the effective size of the stacks is and of how much you can win or lose. Higher stacks require stronger hands and this is the reason why you will use the control of the pot more often when you will play for higher stacks than for lower stacks.

The most important thing that you should know refers to the value of your hand and the comparison with your opponent’s hands. Constantly evaluate the situation for the proper results.

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