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Check, Raise or Both – What Is Your Poker Strategy?

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An important strategy that might help you increase your chance at getting the big pot is the check-raise. This is a deceptive strategy used by really skilled players who first check the bet and then raise the bet if it is serves their interests.

The purpose of employing this poker strategy is to let the other players make the bets, so the player who has checked could raise them. Your checking encourages the opponents to bet, since you got them into thinking that you have a weak hand and this gets you into winning more money than you would have if you had bet yourself.

Using the strategy gives you a good image on what your opponents’ hands look like, you can figure out which one of them has a strong hand and which of them play with weak hands. Although this is one of the most inspired poker strategies, the check-raise has its own disadvantages.

The most important of all is that your opponents could always play a good hand and re-raise you. If you are not sure that your hand allows you to re-raise, then maybe it’s time for you to fold.
 Used with moderation and in combination with other deceptive poker strategies, the check-raise can prove to be really effective.

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