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Bluffing at Poker

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Bluffing is one of the most significant strategies that a good poker player can use. Statistically, all players have equal chances for a good hand. However, amongst the players that play at the poker table, only one will have the strongest hand. The interesting thing is that having the strongest hand doesn’t also assure you that you that you will win that hand. Instead, the hand will be won by the player that knows better how to play his cards, his position and his stack.
The most important lesson that you should know when you plan to bluff is to never jeopardize your presence in the tournament. Bluffing is risky and it many times works against its user. For a successful bluff you should keep in mind the following:

- The size of the bluff shouldn’t be too high so it won’t endanger the stack.
- The game should be a tight one so that there won’t be many players to re-raise the bluff.
- Make sure you won’t bluff if you are in the incipient position as there is high risk for other players to have a strong hand. You should bluff when you are on middle or late position.
Another lesson that you should learn is that if you start a bluff you are not necessarily supposed to complete it. An important thing that will help you when playing poker is to know when to stop.

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