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Poker Dictionary C D

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Call – Paying a bet. (Short)


Calling Station – The type of poker player that pays with any cards, his strategy being exclusively based on luck. In terms of poker "fish", it is the type of player that we want to encounter as often as possible at the tables.

Check – The action of not paying any amount. A bet equally to 0.

Check Raise – checking in the first phase, but raising after a player bets. This is a pretty useful strategy at the poker game, used with the purpose to achieve as many money as possible for the pot when we have a strong hand with high potential for winning.

Collusion – a type of cheating. Two players try to cheat with the goal to obtain winnings through reciprocal communication of their cards. It is an often encountered practice when it comes to online poker games and it is severely penalized by the poker rooms.

Come Hand – a draw, a hand that needs another strong card to be completed.

Community cards– the group of five commune cards that can be used by all the players from the game. The term is used at Texas Holdem and Omaha games. They are also known as "board" cards.

Counterfeit – the decrease in the value of a hand as a consequence of the cards that appeared on the table. For example: You have 78 in your hand and the flop is 9-T-J, so you have a straight. The turn is 8. this card counterfeits your hand transforming it into an almost useless card.

Crack – Beating a specific hand, usually a strong hand. Most often, the term applies to aces. “It is the third time when the aces are beaten (cracked aces)”.

Cripple – Within the expression "to cripple the deck." It means that you have all or almost all the cards that someone could need in order to form a strong hand with the community cards. If you have a pair of popes and the other two popes appear on the flop, you killed the game ("cripple the deck").

Dealer – The player that deals the cards. It can be real (casino dealers) or virtual, at online poker.

Dead Blind – situation when you lost the blind and you wish to re-enter the game before your turn for big blind comes. Both blind should be paid and the small blind is named dead blind, meaning it doesn’t count.

Draw – A hand that can be winning if one of the cards on the table complete your hand.

Drop – To withdraw, to fold, not to bet.

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