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Equity – It represents the pot "piece" that you should normally win. For example, if the pot is of $100 and you have 50% chances to win it, and then we have $50 equity on that pot. The equity pot is forced because in practice you will wither win $100 or you will lose, but the term is commonly used in theory to estimate long term winnings.


Extra Blind – It is a blind paid by a player that newly entered the table and does not wish for the big blind to naturally reach him. It is a term especially used when it comes to online poker.

Family Pot – the pot for which all the players paid the bet before the flop.

Face down – Cards distributed faced down, hidden to the sight of the other game participants.

Fast – Fast game, extremely aggressive game.

Favorite – A poker hand which is most probable to be a winning hand from a statistical point of view.

Flop – The first three cards of the community cards (board) that are placed faced up when it comes to games such as holden and Omaha.

Fold – Giving up a hand during the current game.

Forced bet – blind

FreeRoll – Free registration tournament, which has money awards. In general, online poker rooms organize such freeroll tournaments that have real money awards in order to attract new players. The notion of freeroll also exists in live poker.

Full House - Full, three cards of the same index + a pair.

Gutshot Straight – It is a straight that got completed by using another card than the two ends (known as the break straight, completed by one of the community cards)

Hand – A hand of cards.

Heads Up – A pot where only two players exist.

High card – the highest card a player has.

High/Low – A version of the game where the pot is shared by the strongest hand as well as by the weakest hand. The weakest hand consists of 5 cards with the lowest value. This is a variation of the games of Omaha or 7Stud.

Hole Cards – The individual cards that are invisible to the rest of the participants. The expression is used to describe the cards of a player at Texas Holdem and Omaha games.

House  – The poker Location/Casino/Room where the game takes place.

Implied Odds – Pot odds that don’t exist at the current time, but that can be included within your calculus due to the future bets that you will win if you get the best hand. For example, you could pay for a flush draw on turn even if you don’t have 4:1 pot odds (which are your chances to get a flush), if you are sure that you can win at least one more bet on river if you get flush.

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