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Poker basic lessons

Types of Poker Tournaments

Poker tournament refers to a type of poker where players enter the game with an equal amount of money that is called the buy-in. All
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Cash Game vs. Tournaments

  More and more people become poker players nowadays due to the high popularity of the game. This is why many of them usually orient towards ...
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Essential Tips for Poker Players

It is already almost universally accepted – except for a few naives who still believe that luck is all that it takes to win at ...
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Get Involved in the Learning Process of Poker

All professional poker players mention a significant aspect when it comes to playing the game: read your opponents. This is perhaps the main thing that ...
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The Importance of Emotion Control for Winning at Poker

Poker isn’t just a game based on luck. It is a confrontation of skills, won by the fittest. Although your luck plays a quite important ...
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Betting Rules When Playing Poker

Poker is a complex game that is mainly characterized by the fact that its players bet during the game. The betting is influenced by the ...
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Withdrawal-deposit methods

 Perhaps the first thing that an online poker player should learn is the method for withdrawal and deposit of the money in their player account. Deposits: 1. ...
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The Freeroll Philosophy

For many poker players, the path towards creating a capital with bonuses or cash awards goes through freeroll tournament. Every website offers various prizes but ...
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Poker Slang Explained

Many times poker players use nicknames for their cards, for their hands or for their moves, which could be quite confusing for someone who isn’t ...
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Microlimit Poker – Basic Notions

 Playing micro limit poker is very simple but it can also turn into something more frustrating because of the bad beats. Most of the players ...
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