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Poker basic lessons


Top tips for people new to online poker

The trouble with playing online poker when you’re a novice is that you never know who else is pulling up a chair to the same
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How to increase your odds of winning at poker

Some people say poker is all about chances and (preferably good) luck. In reality, there is no such thing as luck. Poker is all about ...
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Set Mining In Texas Hold’em Poker

  Winning in poker can only be done by knowing when to apply the basic strategies. Even if it’s often referred at as a game of ...
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How to make the switch from offline to online poker

From humble beginnings in smoky, back alley clubs to swanky high roller poker rooms inside a glittering elite of casinos and almost back again to ...
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How to win at poker

Poker is a game of strategy. To win big you don’t always have to have the highest hand; you do however require the ability to ...
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A Beginner’s Guide to Poker

Without a doubt, poker is the most widely played card game in the world, and certainly one of the most lucrative. The popularity of the ...
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If It is Poker, Then Make It Online

  Though the game of poker is a really old one and its history goes back more than 150 years ago, poker variants and strategies have ...
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Calculating pot odds

Calculating pot odds at poker game might seem pretty difficult at first. Although no one can say pot odds are simple to be calculated and ...
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What You Need to Know about Poker Betting

Bets are essential in a poker game, given the fact that the pot, the main stake of most of the games depends on betting. Therefore ...
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Playing live poker for the first time

Many poker players start playing poker with friends in their living room. The next step is usually to sign up at one of the known ...
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Preflop Strategy

Proper preparation before the flop prevents poor performance therefore in order to have a proper Preflop strategy, it is important to make good, solid and

Online poker or casino games?

So you just entered an online casino’s website and you’re “sitting” there. How about poker? Maybe roulette? Don’t know what to choose?  Well then let’s

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To win at poker you have to be “different”

In many ways, the great game of poker is reflective of life itself. It certainly replicates on the table what we see in the wider