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Pineapple poker is the fruitiest of all card games

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In its traditional form, popular card game of poker has rich traditions and old history of being an entertaining concept for spending some free time. If anything, the internet made this activity even more fun, expanding the overall reach and adding new ways in which the game can excite and attract wider audiences. It may seem like there’s no need, or possibility, to change much in how things are, but new approach to poker are still coming up. Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple are a fine example of a little twist made on the trusty Texas hold’em.


Photo by Thomas van de Weerd / CC BY 2.0

Everyone knows that Texas hold’em is the king among the popular poker variants and it has been for quite some time. Every once in a while, the king’s reign is threatened by the appearance of new and exciting propositions. While it certainly doesn’t look like its dominance should be affected that much anytime soon, fresh ideas might shift the dynamic a little. Open-face Chinese poker is a relatively new type of Chinese poker where players see each other’s cards. Among the two variants here, we can find Pineapple (POFC). However, we will talk about separate kind of card games which shares that name.

The regular Pineapple is very similar to hold’em, so being on board with its standard rules is more than enough for a good start. Take those solid basis of a proven hit, add a little frivolity known from Omaha variant and we have ourselves a nice kick to a familiar gameplay. Instead of the usual two, players are holding three hole cards in the beginning. After the first round of betting one of them has to be discarded before the flop starts. Then the action goes just as anticipated, with flop, turn, river and the proper betting. This influences the mathematics of things only a little, shuffling with the outcomes, but other than that not much is happening.


The real fun is justifiably associated with the more popular Crazy Pineapple. The crazy part is made possible by a simple delay of the step where the choice of throwing away one card needs to be. After the three community cards are on the table, player is equipped with more variables for his decision-making equations. There is far more possibilities to consider, and far more doubts to have to deal with. Especially interesting is when a player would face dilemmas of keeping already secured but questionably strong hands consisted of some pairs, or to shoot for the stars in the chase for unfolding straights and flushes. Suffice to say, the game does not lack emotions. This kind of dynamic generates big hands and even more painful bad beats, and calls for some serious adjustments in strategies.

The standard limit versions are possible, fixed, pot and no limit, with the latter being a novelty if the decision of going all-in is made before the flop (then there is still a question about the rejected card). Also, the Crazy Pineapple is often played as High/Low split when the winners of best possible hand and lowest possible get half of the pot each.

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