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Online poker or casino games?

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So you just entered an online casino’s website and you’re “sitting” there. How about poker? Maybe roulette? Don’t know what to choose?  Well then let’s look into the things you need to consider before making an informed choice.


Chance or Skill?

Choosing between poker and a casino game is all about you level of skill, because poker isn’t simply a game of chance. Let’s put it this way: you may have a really good hand and play it poorly, and a bad hand that can be played brilliantly. This is the charm of poker, there’s a lot of psychological pressure to the game. The longer you play poker – the less it is a game of luck.


Now, on the other hand, you can’t really pull that off in a casino game. While you may choose a certain strategy that you’ll follow throughout the game, you’re in the hands of uncertainty most of the time. There is no way you can apply skill to winning in a game of roulette or baccarat. But isn’t there something cool about that? For instance, playing baccarat kind of similar to tossing a coin, there is a 50/50 chance to win, except when there is a tie between you and the banker. The same applies to online slots. There is no particular strategy you can apply to each and every spin of the slot machine. So go with the flow, simply enjoy the thrill.


Man vs Machine

Another important difference between the two is who you’re playing against. If you’re looking to interact with other people – poker is the way to go. Ah, the thrill of finding someone’s tell or reading people’s cards by their behavior are all the beautiful parts of the game. Although that might be hard to do online, it is not impossible.


The Attitude

When you “sit” at the poker table you feel that you are fighting many people at the same time. You are always on a certain mental edge, crafting theories based on what you expect your opponent’s hand to be. Once you realize that you have a weak hand, but you’ve already made a considerable investment – you can always bluff your way out. There is a never-ending sense of pressure. You need to win.


Playing slots, for instance, is like enjoying an unhealthy meal, you’re in it for the enjoyment. If you put $20 in your slot machine, you don’t feel the urge to win. You win a bit, you lose a bit, as soon as your credit is finished, you walk away with a pleasant buzz.


In conclusion

Fine-tuning your gambling experience is about your mood and your skill set. If you just want to enjoy your beer and relax, you should probably opt for a casino game of you preference. On the other hand, if you’re feeling competitive – waste no time. Buy in and start paying blinds.

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