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How to increase your odds of winning at poker

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Some people say poker is all about chances and (preferably good) luck. In reality, there is no such thing as luck. Poker is all about statistics, psychology and a proper bankroll management. As for the chance factor, as any of the top shark will say, it only counts about 10%.
Are there any things that can be done in order to increase the chances of winning at poker! Definitely! Otherwise, people wouldn’t of spent thousands of hours on developing game strategies or even textbooks about this game. It’s not a game of slots, where the machines decides when to throw out a winning combination, especially if the players compete against each other.
The first thing that needs to be done in win more money in the game of poker is to observe as much as possible the game of the other participants from a certain table. Usually, most of them aren’t top notch players and will most likely stick to a strategy that helped them bank some money in several times. Observing and finding out how a player uses his cards can be used against him with ease. Surely, it takes maybe hundreds of hours to observe and to try to find patterns, reason why most people decide to go in “blindly”, assuming that they will “learn by doing”. There are very few people gifted for this game, reason why going in without observing firstly might be a bad strategy even from the beginning.
Secondly, it’s important to play in a trust place. Gambling isn’t legal all over the world, as it’s strictly regulated by anti-lottery/anti-gambling laws. In US, for example, the UIGEA act of 2006 made impossible for the casinos to pay the earnings of their American clients, not to say that gambling is strictly regulated by federal laws. Luckily, there still trustable USA online casinos that operate 24/7 and that do not cross over the limits of the laws. It’s important to play in such a place, especially if people play against a computer, because they can be 100% sure that the software wasn’t designed to be biased.
Romans used to say that “Repetitio mater studiorum est”, meaning that repetition (or in this case, consistency) is the mother of knowledge. In other words, in order to win more money in any poker game, people have to play lots of times against lots of players. Betting is the only way they can accumulate not only experience, but also the skill of reading quickly the strategies of the other players from the table.

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