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Set Mining In Texas Hold’em Poker

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Winning in poker can only be done by knowing when to apply the basic strategies. Even if it’s often referred at as a game of odds, poker is 40% discipline, 40% knowledge, 10% practice and 10% luck.

Knowing the fundamental strategies is therefore not an option, as it’s more of a sine qua non condition of not tilting in the game of poker. And speaking of fundamental strategies, one of the most effective strategies that’s still working against players of all levels is called “Set Mining”.

What does it consist of? Basically, the whole purpose is to make a set and it’s often applied by people who have a pair (of medium or high sized cards) before the flop. In most of the cases, although the players want 4 of a kind, they would even be satisfied with getting three of a kind. Statistically speaking, in 90% of the cases, 3 of a kind gets a payoff in showdowns, especially if people respect one simple rule: they have to raise early, but only a small amount of money.

Truth be told, beginners are not recommended to use this technique unless their opponents are also new to the game of poker. That’s because there is a big chance that an experienced player would guess their strategy and as a consequence, would start to play aggressively.

Basically, he or she would start to raise more money and more money, hoping that their opponents would be intimidated by this technique. However, a good set mining applied at the proper time might get a lot of money from the bluffers, especially if players apply a rookie strategy and lose on purposely a couple of hands.

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