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How to make the switch from offline to online poker

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From humble beginnings in smoky, back alley clubs to swanky high roller poker rooms inside a glittering elite of casinos and almost back again to living rooms, bus stops – with mobiles – and home offices as the emergence of online poker has taken hold and broken into the mainstream, the poker world has evolved.

Making the switch from offline is relatively straightforward and most people find it’s a natural progression. However, there are perhaps some little surprises along the way.

In most instances, the virtual world of poker is actually more real than you may imagine. For starters, generally speaking, you play against real human beings, computers are used only – and never in the case of video poker – to shuffle the cards using their highly advanced Random Number Generators. This often comes as a shock to older players; online poker is not man vs. machine, but man vs. man in a digital world.

Additionally, you don’t have to play with big amounts of cash – or any money for that matter – with Sky Poker you can play free online poker to hone your skills and meet worthy opponents.

Convenience does mean you might find yourself tempted to play a lot more often, whenever you have a spare half an hour for example. This of course can be problematic, but you can set limits on how much you bet per round and per day. Furthermore there’s plenty of info available on gambling addiction and preventing it on sites such as and

There are other transitions that require a little more engagement on your part. When you walk into a flashy land-based casino in the likes of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macau you know you aren’t breaking the law. You know that you are going to get a fair – relatively – environment to play in that is safe and secure. The only way you are going to loose your money is to other poker players sitting across from you at the table.

With online poker there are other risks, notably online fraud and cyber criminality along with viruses and Trojans. For every reputable casino and online poker site, such as Sky Poker – a name we all know – there are many more just out for your cash and perhaps even worse, your personal and banking details and information.

VerisignYou need to be aware of the dangers in order to safeguard your online game play. For instance your own computer should have highly sophisticated anti-virus software. Your web browser should be protected from Trojans and you should never give out pin numbers and sensitive personal information.

However, additionally you need to look for online poker sites with their own intelligent security systems utilising the latest encryption software. This information can be found usually at the bottom of the homepage. Look for Verisign or Thawte logos; these companies provide SSL encryption that protects your personal information and prevents it from falling into the wrong hands along its journey through fibre optic cables and ‘Internet charged’ airwaves.



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