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Withdrawal-deposit methods

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 Perhaps the first thing that an online poker player should learn is the method for withdrawal and deposit of the money in their player account.


1. Credit/debit card.

It is very probable that most of us are the owners of a credit or debit card. Depositing with the card is a fast method to bring new funds to your player account. The processing is almost instant so you can immediately use the new funds.

The commissions are usually pretty small, being different from one bank to another (the bank that emitted the card)

The cards that are recommended for this transactions: Our recommendation would be VISA Electon card,  We don’t recommend using Mastercard type cards because, although they allow loading your player account, the withdrawals cannot be processed with these types of cards.

2. Moneybookers.

Moneybookers is a virtual wallet that is very useful and often used by all players. In order to create a moneybookers account, all you need is a valid email address.

There are no commissions for your Moneybookers account and the payments are instantly processed. Moneybookers is a payment method that is accepted by most of the big poker rooms (approximately 90% of them).


1. Withdrawal on the card.

As mentioned above, VISA Electron card is recommended for withdrawals, as Mastercard cannot process withdrawals. The money reaches your account within maximum 4 working days. For security reasons when you do the first withdrawal, some poker rooms may ask you to prove your identity with copies of the identity card and the credit card. Don’t be afraid the send them. It is a standard procedure, based on security reasons, and your dates will be safe; poker rooms use encryption systems of the last generation.

2. Moneybookers.

This is another method that you can successfully use. In general, to be able to withdraw your funds in Moneybookers you will need a deposit that you realized through this method.

3. Cheque

You can solicit the withdrawal of the money through cheque. The disadvantages of this withdrawal method are quite big, as the cheque reaches  within about 1 month and the commissions are pretty high.

4. The withdrawal in the bank account.

In order to withdraw the funds in your bank account, you will need a currency bank account opened for your poker room account. The money that you withdraw through this method reaches your account within 2-3 working days. In order to withdraw the money in your bank account, you will need to provide information such as the name of the bank, the IBAN code, the SWIFT bank code and the address of the bank where you opened the account.

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