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Microlimit Poker – Basic Notions

 Playing micro limit poker is very simple but it can also turn into something more frustrating because of the bad beats. Most of the players
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Bankroll Management

One of the main mistakes that poker players do, especially when it comes to the beginners, but not only, is a bad bankroll management.What is ...
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Tips to Protect Yourself from Poker Cheaters

Where there’s a big pot, there are usually big cheaters. Here are some tips that should help you protect yourself from these people. One of ...
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Heads up

Heads up poker game became a popular option during the last years, due to the poker websites that offer valuable buy in, ranging from $1 ...
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Is It Really That Bad to Fold?

Playing poker is always about winning. A good player does everything he can in order to maximize his winnings and minimize his loss. The only problem ...
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Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players

Author: David Sklansky and Mason MalmuthTitle: Hold’em Poker for the Advanced Players,  351 pagesPublished:Two Plus Two Publishing, New York, 1999 An authority when it comes to ...
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Poker Hands-the hierarchy

Before learning poker strategies, tips and techniques, there is a first step to take in order to play the game. That step is to know ...
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Keeping Your Cool is Critical

  There’s no doubting that poker is a game of skill. In fact, skill is such a critical element of the game that the Olympics is

Cool Tips to Beat Your Friends in Holdem this Weekend

Anyone who has played poker before knows that it is a lot more fun when you win. While knowing the basics of poker is great,

Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Poker

  The poker card game is, without any doubt, one of the most satisfying card game ever, mainly for 2 reasons: a) it can bring

Poker sites that are worthwhile are not abundant

One of the most important sales rule tells that people don’t necessarily go to the cheapest offer – when they are looking forward to buying

Useful Things to Know about the Logistics of Poker When Playing Face to Face

For those who aren’t very acquainted with the poker world but find it interesting, would like to know it better or for those who intend

Online Versus Face to Face Poker

Although online poker is becoming increasingly popular there are still a lot of players who will not give up playing face to face poker. Whether

Reading Your Opponents at the Poker Table

One of the first things that any successful poker player learns is how to obtain information about his opponents. The main questions you must get

Fold equity

During the final table of Event #1 at the 2008 WSOP, the $10K Pot-Limit Hold ‘em Championship, I encountered a hand where I had a

Boosting Your Bankroll With Poker Bonuses

As poker has gained momentum in the online gaming arena, poker sites are recognizing that it is worth their while to offer players some monetary

Poker-Beginer’s mistakes

At some point in time, all of us were beginners when it comes to poker game. All of use made and still make mistakes (even