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Betting Rules When Playing Poker

Poker is a complex game that is mainly characterized by the fact that its players bet during the game. The betting is influenced by the
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HORSE-Mixed Poker Games

H.O.R.S.E. is an acronym representing the combination between more poker games in the following order: Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Low, Razz (also known as 7 card ...
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Doyle Brunson-Super System

Super System   Author: Doyle Brunson  Number of pages: 624  Price: ~ 30 usd  Date of publishing: 1979   Super System was the first book that Doyle Brunson wrote and, in ...
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Phil Hellmuth-Play Poker like the Pros

Play Poker like the Pros   Author: Phil Hellmuth  Number of pages:~400  Price: ~16 $   Date of Publishing: 2004 "Play Poker Like the Pros is the best poker strategy ...
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7 Card Stud

7Card Stud Rules The purpose of the poker game is to form the best possible combination of five cards by using the seven individual cards, 3 ...
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5 Card Draw

5Card Draw Rules The purpose of the poker game is to obtain the best possible combination of five cards (when it comes to this variety of ...
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Poker Dictionary A B

Action – to act. If a player doesn’t realize it’s his turn, the dealer will tell "you turn". ...
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Poker Dictionary C D

Call – Paying a bet. (Short) ...
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Poker Dictionary E I

Equity – It represents the pot "piece" that you should normally win. For example, if the pot is of $100 and you have 50% chances to win it, and then we have $50 equity on that pot. The equity pot is forced because in practice you will wither win $100 or you will lose, but the term is commonly used in theory to estimate long term winnings. ...
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Poker Dictionary J O

Jackpot – special bonus which is paid to the player that loses a pot if he loses with a very strong hand.when playing Holdem, the losing hand should usually be at least a four of a kind of eights. ...
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