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Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Poker

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The poker card game is, without any doubt, one of the most satisfying card game ever, mainly for 2 reasons:

a) it can bring insanely high amounts of money to its players;
b) it can be used by large groups of people, therefore setting a poker night will always be a good opportunity to spend the night with the closest friends.

In fact, if anyone is going to organize a poker night and invite some friends or just some other people, it’s always good to know a couple of things about the game. This applies too if you want to play online poker, mainly because you can always impress people with your knowledge on the chat room. It might sound silly, but most of the people will automatically consider you a more experienced players and will definitely have doubts whether or not to play to aggressive against you.

So, did you know that:
  • the chances of getting a pair from the beginning are 16 to 1?
  • The odds of making a royal flush are 649,740 to 1? This is why this hand is considered to be the most powerful game in the game of poker;
  • The oldest player to ever win a WSOP events was 80 years old? In fact, in the beginning of the competition, he was given 200 to 1 chances to win. And yet, he made it.
  • There are more than 140,000 poker rooms in Las Vegas and more than 450,000 online poker rooms? 50% of them are active at any given moment;
  • In average, an US person spends on playing online poker about $775/month;
  • Each year, Las Vegas, the Mecca of gambling, received about 40 million visitors willing to gamble and get rich. Unfortunately, only 2% go home with more money than they came with;


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