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Online Versus Face to Face Poker

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Although online poker is becoming increasingly popular there are still a lot of players who will not give up playing face to face poker. Whether you prefer playing it online or offline, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages implied by each of these types of poker games.

First of all you, in an online game cannot see you opponents’ face, so you lose important information concerning their hands, and it is more difficult for you to discover his playing patterns.

That makes it harder for you to read their moves and predict their next paces. But if you are having a hard time controlling your own emotions, playing online might be preferable to doing it face to face for reasons you can easily understand.

If you are an online player, you can choose where to play your games from your own home, and also play different tables at the same time. Also you can choose from a variety of Poker Sites .

When playing online you have a full record of all your hands and of all your moves, information that you forget about when playing face to face.  Before choosing a poker room, read carefully Poker Reviews .

Playing online has its advantages. Still, if what you are looking for is feeling the rush of the game, sensing the fear of your opponents, making them sweat over your hand and your game, then face to face poker suits you best.

Attractive as it may look, online poker has a lot of disadvantages that render face to face poker preferable to this type of game. It seems to me that every advantage of the game can turn into a disadvantage if it is not managed carefully.

 First of all, you risk losing far more money by playing at several hands at a time. When you are a professional player, this is for sure no problem, but for the beginners this could cause a loss of attention and a source of distraction, thus a way to easily losing your money.

 Another important issue is the absence of the other players. Yes, it is a good think that your opponents can’t read your moves but neither can you read theirs: you have to make great efforts in order to decipher any tells or betting patterns. Your only companions are the monitor and the keyboard and you don’t really get to feel the thrill of the game or to see the face of your defeated adversaries.  

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