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Poker-Beginer’s mistakes

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At some point in time, all of us were beginners when it comes to poker game. All of use made and still make mistakes (even the players with hundreds of thousands of played hands still do mistakes), simple mistakes that can have a disastrous effect on your bankroll.
I will try to summarize a top of the 5 mistakes that must be avoided when playing a poker game (be it live or online).

1. Bad Bankroll management:
Most of the beginners and many times, even more advanced players play poker for the inappropriate stakes, stakes that that should not be played under any circumstance. Many players suddenly raise the stakes although normally their bankroll doesn’t allow them, whether they do it for curiosity or because they overestimate their knowledge about poker. It is a sure thing that in most of the cases, this means premature bankruptcy. Keep in mind that in poker you don’t always win and with a good bankroll management you avoid tilt, another severe mistake of a beginner.

2. Tilt
First of all, what does tilt mean? Very many beginners probably heard about this notion, but not many know the meaning of this concept. Tilt is a state of mind, a player on tilt playing chaotic, irrational and under the control of strong emotions. In general, tilt is induced by a series of bad beats, generated either by bad management of the bankroll, as described above, or by non-compliance with the rules related to the Starting Hands.
The most important thing is for you to understand that you entered in the tilt state and to take a break. You can come back at the game table when you feel ready. It may take an hour, a day or a week until you come back mentally, depending on the psychological profile of each player.
If a series of bad beats can seriously “damage” your bankroll, the game under the influence of the tilt can be devastating for you.

3. The dialogue at the game table
No matter if you play poker live or you are at an online table you should try to dialogue as less as possible.
By dialoguing with an opponent you send or receive information, information that can be unfavorable at a specific moment during the game. If you encounter a friend at the poker table stay with a polite salute, without starting a conversation as this will result in you losing the focus on the game.
Personally, when I am at online tables, I prefer to close the chat and focus exclusively on my game. It is not an obligatory advice, but more and opinion.

4. Don’t play too many hands.
Another often encountered error is playing too many hands (starting hands). In order to obtain profit it is not necessary to play many hands. Play only the hands with high potential for wining, this including hands above 99, as well as AK, AQ, and I recommend playing these hands aggressively.
Don’t rely on luck when you play poker. According to specialists, luck decreases with 10%. Therefore, during a hand, you can throw a card that has no potential of resulting in a strong hand. Think about the fact that, on long term, you save chips if you don’t play hands that have a low potential.

5. Don’t play at too many poker tables (for the online game).
According to some theories, playing at more tables simultaneously increases the chances of high profit. This is correct. There are players that play at 10-12 tables at the same time. Keep in mind that these players have hundreds of thousands of hands they played in time, have distributive attention and most of them are pro players.
As a beginner and this is where I include all players that have less than 50.000 played hands, it is preferable to play as few tables as possible. Think that, as beginners, you need some time to make the right decision and you don’t have enough experience to always make the right decisions while playing at 10 tables simultaneously.
Personally, I think that the winning/table rate it is more important and by playing inexperienced at more tables simultaneously, this rate will be quite low.

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