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Tips to Protect Yourself from Poker Cheaters

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Where there’s a big pot, there are usually big cheaters. Here are some tips that should help you protect yourself from these people. One of the simplest types of protection is cutting the deck. This is a right every player has at the dealing of every hand. If the cards look suspicious to you, you can always ask for a new deck in order to make sure you are not being tricked.
 Another way of preventing cheaters from getting the upper hand is to watch all your opponents attentively if you are playing face to face poker and try to observe if they are sending each other any types of signals that could be interpreted as cheating. Also, you must be careful and not allow being sandwiched – caught between two colliders – it is your money after all. You must try to avoid playing with strangers and, if you do get to play with people you don’t know, then you have to be very careful and watch their moves very strictly.  None the less, when you suspect that you are being tricked, you must report your suspicion both to the manager of the room you are playing the game – if you are playing offline poker – or to the administrators of the website where you are playing if you are doing it online.

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