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Interview with Pius Heinz

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1) You’re the first German ever who plays at the November Nine, the final table of the WSOP. What’s it like to represent your country in this tournament?

The feeling is fantastic but sometimes it’s hard to realise. I’m proud to represent my country. The support from home is overwhelming.

2) How did you handle the pressure during the last days? Do you have any trocks to handle the nervousness?

Of course, there is an enormous pressure, but I’ll try to stay calm and focus on the game. The support from my family, friends and my whole country makes me strong and calm and reduces the stress.

3) Your mother, sister and some friends came to Vegas with you. How do they handle the current situation, which could change your whole live.

I think my family is much more excited than I am. Their support is overwhelming which means a lot to me. The support of my friends is important to me, too.

Fortunately, I don’t get a lot of envier and my country supports me. Until now, not much has changed and I hope it stays this way.

4) Could you sleep last night? Are you able to get some rest and relax at all?

I went to bed like always but of course I was thinking about winning the game. Getting some rest and relax during the day is pretty hard right now because of the medial interest. But I try not to get stressed too much.

5) Have you already realised what you have achieved at the age of 22 years has no German before you achieved?

Of course, it is hard to understand what’s happening right now. I am realising it more and more and try to take it easy. I’m pretty happy with my game but I also had a lot of luck.

6) How did you prepare yourself for the WSOP? Do you have any special rituals or talismans?

My hoody is my lucky charm and my hallmark – I always carry it with me. Besides that, I got just before the tournament a little coaching by one of the famous Poker players.

7) Was the WSOP 2011 the game of your life?

Obviously it was! It is the most famous and important tournament of the world. It’s the dream of every pokerplayer to win this tournament once in a lifetime.

8) What’s coming after the WSOP? What are you next steps?

I’m really looking forward to go home and spend time with my family. I have a lot of upcoming appointments with the media like the record of "German High Roller on
Sport1" and I’m really looking forward to this show. My personal highlight within the next weeks is definitly the EPT Prag where I’m going to proove my poker skills again. Right after EPT Prag I’m going on holiday.

9) Dou you have any special wishes? Something you want to buy with your prize money?

Nothing for me in person, I’m really moderate and I already have everything I need. Maybe a nice watch, but that’s all. But I want to support my sister with her studies and my mother with financing real estate. I’m definitively I’m going to deal very carefully and conservative with the money.

10) What’s the difference between American and European tournaments especially between the WSOP and the EPT?

I think there is know big difference between those tournaments. The field force and the players in general are pretty similar. The organisation of the EPT is pretty good. And I like that the EPT takes place all over Europe. You can always discover new cities while participating in the EPT. Of course the WSOP is not only bigger but also much more famous. But it’s a pity that it only takes place in Vegas.

11) Did all your poker dreams come true? Or are there any more targets you want to reach?

I really want to win an EPT and of course I want to be successful on the next WSOP.

12) Any tips for all ambitious poker players?
Never stop enjoying the game and always watch your bankroll.



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