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Rafa Dream Day, a great promo on PokerStars

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Is Rafael Nadal undefeatable? Maybe at tennis, where he’s an ace. But have you ever thought what it would be like if you played poker with him? After all, he’s the new Pokerstars image, therefore he should be present from time to time to play poker with some of his fans or just with simple Pokerstars users.


Rafa DreamWell, not it’s possible. On October 21, Pokerstars will organize an event called “Rafa Dream Day”, event in which the winner will be awarded with a special prize: he or she will not win any money, but instead, will win a a trip to Majorca in Spain, where he/she will spend a day with Rafael Nadal. Obviously, all the expenses will be paid by Pokerstars, therefore the lucky winner will only have to spend…some of his time for a free trip to Spain.

It’s important to mention that not everybody will be able to participate on October 21 at Rafa Dream Day. The tournament has limited places, and therefore, in order to make everyone take their best shot, pokerstars are organizing 5 freeroll qualifiers a days and a $1.10 qualifier every two hours. Basically, in order to catch a spot at Rafa Dream Day, players must either win a freeroll tournament, either catch one of the first three places in the $1.10 qualifiers.

As for the Rafa Dream Day event, it will take place at October 21 at 12:00 ET. As said above, the winner will not get a money prize, but instead, will winn a free trip to Spain where he or she will get to spend time (go together at the training courts, have dinner together and even play poker together) with the current number one ATP player, Rafael Nadal. As a consolation prize, players that will place between the second position and the 31st place will receive free baseball caps.

This is a huge opportunity for most of the people (poker or not poker fans), therefore it should not be missed for no reasons. 


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