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Online poker : hobby, lifestyle or business?

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While for most of the people poker is just a hobby, for some of the people living of their poker earnings, it is more of a lifestyle. For instance, if there is one thing common for all the top players is the fact that they all like(and have) to be updated with the latest poker news, mainly for… business purposes.

This might sound odd, but there is a real big industry developed around this game, and considering all the earning possibilities, it’s not wonder that people are so interested of it and willing to spend so much time and money on it. And yes, the industry around poker contains news sites, equipment retailers, online casinos and even online schools where everybody can learn about odds, combinations, but most of all, how to play poker efficiently.

However, just like we have already said in the first lines, checking the latest poker news is kind of an necessity for most of a players making a living out of this game; that’s because every big tournament is firstly announced online, and more important, every tutorial, interview or important event(just like the one that, unfortunately, happened in 2011, when some of the major online USA-based casinos got closed by the Federals) becomes viral and can rapidly be seen by most of the fans.

At a first sight, most of the sites from the first page on Google for the term “poker news” do not offer only…news, as they also post daily tutorials and even interviews with the top players like Daniel Negreanu or Erik Seidel, or generally speaking, interviews with big fish. And sometimes, they even offer free access to private tournaments. Of course, the access is limited only to a small number of people(they work on the principle “first-come, first served”), fact that is meant to encourage people to visit the online poker news sites as often as possible. Just to be sure they don’t miss anything!

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