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Isildur1, a New Name in the World of Online Poker

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"Who the hell is Isildur1, and where did he come from?" seems to be the most popular question for poker players from around the world during the last period of time.

Everything that is known about this new online player, whose nickname was adopted from the one of the feared warrior from Lord of the Rings, is the fact that he is Swedish. His debut in the online world, at FullTilt Poker, took place around the 16th of September and he is continuously ascending since that moment.

He gained his first important earning at the $100/$200 No Limit Holdem tables, where he succeeded to win against Haseeb "INTERNETPOKERS" Qureshi $500k, an extremely important amount of money, but quite insignificant in comparison with the ones that were about to follow.

Also, he succeeded to gain other important winnings against UgotaBanana, earning around $300K, and against Cole South, who lost $700K. If someone would have asked at that time who is the best online poker player, 9 out of 10 people would have stated that Tom Durrrr Dwan is the one. At the time when Isildur1 decided to play against Durrrr, probably a lot of people considered him a fool for entering a suicidal race.
However, in no more than few days, by mostly playing sessions at $500/$1000 NL Holdem tables, he succeeds to win around $3.000.000 against Tom Dwan.

According to MarketPulse, an independent portal for statistics, the entire sum that Isildur1 earned by playing against Durrrr is of approximately 5.2 millions of dollars, being the only player capable to truly win against Dwan at the NL Holdem tables.
In parallel with the playing sessions against Durrr, Isildur1 also played against other big names of the online poker.

The playing sessions against Patrick Antonius are memorable, as this is the player with whom he overcame all the records. First time, they broke down a record that lasted for around a year, generating a pot of $878,959. During no more than 5 days, Patrick Antonius became the first person in history to have won a pot of 7 numbers, against the unlucky Isildur1, the two generating the biggest pot from the history of online poker: $1,356,947.

Only few days after that, Isildur won a pot of 7 numbers against the veteran Phil Ivey, this way becoming the first person who lost and won a pot of over one million of dollars during one week.

Even if Isildur1 becomes more and more popular to the online poker world, his identity is still unknown. According to various sources, behind Isildur1 is Viktor "Blom90" Blom, a player who built an impressive bankroll in 2009, before disappearing from the online poker world. However, this information was neither confirmed nor infirmed by Blom
When will we learn the true identity of Isildur1? Keep close.

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