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Glamorous gaming at the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament

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Whilst we can all enjoy the convenience of playing poker in an online environment, sometimes we just want to take it back to the real-life gaming experience. And interestingly, the upcoming Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament provides a great example of a twist on modern gaming by the competition flying top players to a luxurious Mediterranean destination for a grand final.


The Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament is already well-underway with four separate qualifying weeks providing players with the chance to earn top spot on each week's leaderboard with some big winnings in ordet to book their place in the sun.


The first week's winner – Richard C. - has already claimed his spot with an impressive £1,311 winnings. And week two has already yielded some great playing with Steven C. taking £1,099 through some impressive blackjack skill that has led to many trying to adopt some failsafe blackjack tactics to try and reach the grand final.


The remaining two weeks of qualifying rounds will provide two more finalists who will then appear at the exclusive grand final in Gibraltar on 15 November. However, for those who missed out on the previous week's winnings, there is still the chance to join in the fun with the option to re-buy your way back into the competition for just £250. So if you're keen to join the gaming action, be sure to check out all of the latest blackjack competition information at the LadyLucks site.


What makes the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament all the more enthralling is the fact that each of the four finalists will be given an all-expenses-paid chance to play in the sunny location of glamorous Gibraltar. By paying for all flights, transfers, as well as dinner and dining options, the competition organisers will give each finalist the full rockstar treatment, and even treat them to an exclusive VIP tour of the British enclave.


Whilst the sights and culture of Gibraltar may provide a nice distraction, it will be the impressive prize pool of £10,000 that will capture the players' imaginations. With a guaranteed £5,000 for the lucky winner, and as much as £1,000 for the last-placed finalist, the competition provides a great way for mobile blackjack gamers to take their card-playing prowess to the next level.


The competition also looks set to help cement Gibraltar's reputation as something of a gamer's paradise with its beautiful climate, gorgeous scenery, and luxurious surroundings all adding to the atmosphere of the gaming activity. And whether the competition will produce a winner with as much luck as multi-million dollar blackjack winner Don Johnson remains to be seen. But one thing's for sure, when the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament begins on 15 November, all eyes will be on the dealer.



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