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Peter Eastgate


Name: Peter Eastgate  
Nickname: Isser/Icegate  
Date of birth: 13, December, 1985  
Residency: Odense, Denmark

He earned 9.1 millions of dollars at WSOP 2008.
He is the youngest winner of the main event at WSOP.
 Peter Eastgate was born on 13th of December 1985, in Dalum, a suburb of the Odense city in Denmark. He attended the classes of Sct. Knuds schools, where he discovered poker at his class colleagues. After that, he enrolled the university from Aarhus to study finances, but he abandoned it to dedicate to poker. He became a pro player in 2005, being acknowledged as one of the best online poker players in Denmark. During his first year when he played online poker at, Peter did not impress the other too much. However, things were going to change and Eastgate began to win. He qualified for WSOP in 2008 through the Ladbrokes online poker site, becoming a member of the team in the team’s movement to Las Vegas. There, he resisted more than the other 6800 competitors and he had to finally beat the Russian Ivan Demidov. It was for the first time when the final of a WSOP tournament had two players outside USA plating. The blinds reached the record sum of one million of dollars, a premiere for the $10 000 tournament. It took Peter 4 hours to eliminate Demidov and at the end he won the prize that valued 9,152 millions of dollars. Only 22 years old, Eastgate became the youngest player to win, beating Phill Hellmuth’s record, who was 24 in 1989. Peter participated to other tournaments, such as the European Poker Tour, but he is focusing especially on online poker. In 2009, his earnings reached the sum of 9,7 millions of dollars and this is just the beginning of his career as a pro player!